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Man And Machine The Yin And Yang Equation Image Credit: Gulf Business
Man And Machine The Yin And Yang Equation Image Credit: Gulf Business

Man And Machine: The Yin And Yang Equation

Ever since Artificial Intelligence (AI) shifted from simply being hype to a tangible business asset, fears among workforces worldwide have grown.

Karine Picard

A common argument against the technology is that it could cost workforces their jobs. Recent research Oracle conducted with the Otto Beisheim School of Management shows nearly a quarter of employees worldwide are worried in that respect. But these fears are born out of a perception that machine must be versus man, rather than considering the possibilities if we combine the two together.

But the opposite is the reality; just as we need light and dark, fire and water, hot and cold, there’s strong evidence that businesses need both people and AI to thrive in the current climate. As the old Chinese proverbs suggest, there’s magic in two contrary forces coming together to create a balance that’s needed for survival. So, rather than seeing the two at war, let’s consider the possibilities of man and machine in a dualism akin to Yin and Yang.

Adapt and thrive

Businesses have never needed to be more adaptable, set up to react to consumer, economic and societal changes at the drop of a hat. Expectations of consumers are changing, and being as agile as possible is critical in providing the level of service they require. It’s in this new environment that we’re seeing different skillsets coming into fruition. As employees’ roles evolve and change, organisations need technology to enable this way of working. And this is where AI should come in, as a supplement to enhance and abet human skills, rather than repla

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