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Business Image Credit: Gulf Business
Business Image Credit: Gulf Business

What Does It Take To Succeed With Your Own Business?

Saudi business leader and entrepreneur Makarem Batterjee uses his two decades of experience to offer key advice to entrepreneurs.

HAVING SPENT MORE THAN 20 years of my life in the healthcare and investment industry as an impact-driven investor, social entrepreneur and leader, I have learnt a thing or two about what it takes to succeed in the business world.

Along the way, my roles as the vice chairman and deputy president of Saudi German Hospitals Group, president of the Gold’s Gym franchise in Saudi Arabia, and founder and president of Humania Capital have shaped my abilities as an entrepreneur and helped me realise what kind of leader I am and want to be.

Working and learning from incredible people, such as my father Eng Sobhi Batterjee, president of SGH and my uncle Dr Khalid Batterjee, vice president of SGH, along the way has been a large part of that learning experience.

I am a huge believer in developing young talent and helping them bring their fresh ideas to life, which is why my experiences as an investor on the Saudi edition of popular US show Shark Tank have been so rewarding.

One thing I am keen to stress is that not every entrepreneur is or must be the same – different personalities make different entrepreneurs. People often misinterpret being a successful entrepreneur as being an ‘idea maker’ or a ‘creator’, and while the idea is what inspires the foundation of a business, being a successful company is more than just having an idea. Having people that know how to shape and direct these grand ideas into

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