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LOpra Makes Its Mark As The Authentic French Bakery In India Image Credit: Progressive Grocer
LOpra Makes Its Mark As The Authentic French Bakery In India Image Credit: Progressive Grocer

L'Opéra Makes Its Mark As The Authentic French Bakery In India

L’Opéra, a high-end pastry and bakery house in Delhi-NCR, specializes in French bakery products and has been the pioneer of high-end, authentic French bakery products in India. Some of the products that it pioneered in India was macaron as well as the finest French pâtisserie – Boulangerie – thereby creating a market for these products. With the concept getting well appreciated by the customers and becoming a great success with the patrons, the brand has embarked on an ambitious expansion plan. Laurent Samandari, MD, L’Opéra, speaks to Progressive Grocer about the company’s pioneering efforts in creating and building a market for French bakery products in the Capital and its plans for further growing the business.

It all dates back to 2011 when the Samandari family shifted to India. Born and brought up in France, it was inevitable for them to miss the French authenticity in the country. It was this realization that spurred Laurent Samandari to come up with the idea of introducing a French Boulangerie in India and thus, L’Opéra came into being. The brand started with its flagship store in Delhi’s iconic Khan Market. Today, L’Opéra has expanded its presence to over 15 points of sale in Delhi-NCR & Dehradun at various high-street locations.

The family is actively involved in running the business and maintaining the high standards of service and excellence that L’Opéra has set for itself. Recounting their experience that laid the foundation of the French Boulangerie, Laurent Samandari, MD, L’Opéra says: “We are the pioneers who introduced the finest French pâtisserie – Boulangerie – in India. We are faithful to our roots and are authentic with our French offerings, ambience and décor. For us, that is our USP. Our positioning in that regard is premium; however, the pricing is fairly competitive.”

He further adds: “By the end of this year, we will have some 22 outlets in Delhi-NCR, covering the key pockets of the region. There are of course other players in the category – albeit very few in the high-end segment – and they do seem to be increasing their number of

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