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Juices And Soft Drinks Making The RightSelection Image Credit: Progressive Grocer
Juices And Soft Drinks Making The RightSelection Image Credit: Progressive Grocer

Juices And Soft Drinks: Making The Right Selection

Most Indian consumers consider packaged fruit drinks to be healthy but it is important to read labels carefully or these packaged drinks could lead to lifestyle diseases. It is also important to know how much sugar these drinks contain because most drinks are high on sugar and so are considered unhealthy.

Dr. Saurabh Arora

Whether it is festive celebrations at home, at the club, a corporate event or a celebration in your housing society, it is important to provide guests with the right choice of healthy and safe beverages. There is a vast array of branded juice and soft drink options, which include fruit juices, fruit drinks, milk-based drinks, carbonated drinks, water and soda-based drinks and nectars. In recent times, fruit juices have taken a lead as many consumers prefer these to other beverages. They are also being included in festive gift hampers along with dry fruits, snacks and chocolates. Here are some tips for selecting fruit juices and beverages that are healthy and safe to consume.

Types of fruit drinks available

In India, many sweetened drinks are marketed on a large scale. But out of these, some of them are erroneously labelled ‘fruit juice.’ The truth is that many of these drinks have only a small percentage of fruit content and some others contain only fruit flavours. In fact, such drinks should actually be called fruit drinks, fruit beverages, fruit nectars or flavoured drinks and not be labelled as ‘fruit juices’. Here are some facts that are largely unknown about fruit drinks:

• Fruit drinks have 5-10 per cent of fruit content, which could be pulp or juice and could contain added flavour, colour, preservative, sugar and water etc.

• Carbonated fruit drinks are similar to fruit drinks and contain 5-1

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