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New World Order Image Credit: TV Guide Magazine
New World Order Image Credit: TV Guide Magazine

New World Order

The robot revolution will be televised. It’s Humans vs. Androids in Season 2 of Westworld. Who will rule? Our money is on the machines

Kate Hahn

GIRLS RULE THE world. Westworld, that is. The futuristic theme park explodes into mayhem when androids Dolores (evan Rachel Wood) and Maeve (Thandie Newton) lead a violent robot rebellion in Season 2 of HBO’s twisty sci-fi series. The newly woke park “hosts” ditch their programmed personas of sweet rancher’s daughter and scheming madam for a guns-blazing attack on the rich guests and employees of park operator delos inc. We can’t wait for the payback. “The androids are off the rails,” confirms executive producer Jonathan Nolan, who cocreated the series with his wife, Lisa Joy.

Last season, many of the hosts slowly discovered a heartbreaking (or should we say, circuit-breaking?) truth: They weren’t flesh-and-bone people but robots reliving narrative loops for the pleasure of often sadistic guests. The fury crested in the finale after Dolores shot the man who created the sick setup: park creator and mad genius Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins). Maeve escaped, only to change her mind and return in search of the murdered daughter she remembers from a previous program and track down those responsible. “The question driving this season is: What will they do to the people who have tormented them?” Nolan says. “How much of their humanity will they hang on to, now that they know they&rsqu

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