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Gerald Albright Image Credit: Smooth Jazz Magazine
Gerald Albright Image Credit: Smooth Jazz Magazine

Gerald Albright-Very First Christmas CD In A 30 Plus Year Career! Not So Silent Night

I recently had the pleasure of having a most pleasant interview with Saxophone great Mr. Gerald Albright to chat about his latest album “A Not So Silent Night.”

Avzal Ismail

Special thanks to Desirae Benson for facilitating the interview on behalf of Smooth Jazz Magazine. SJM: Why did you wait this long before finally doing a Christmas album?

GERALD: Well, I normally go with my spirit for any projects that I undertake and this felt just right. As an independent artist for the past couple of years I was playing around with the idea for a while, but everything has to happen when the timing is right and it felt like the time had finally come for me to do an album like this one.

SJM: Selina your firstborn has grown so much as an artist these past couple of years. What were your feelings having her sing on the album? Obviously you are a very proud dad to nurture such a gifted daughter.

GERALD: Selina and I have been sharing the stage for some time now besides the fact that we have been writing together as well. Sharing the stage we the platform for her to spread her wings and to grow as an artist in her own right. She has become a multi-faceted artist as a vocalist, a recording artist and a producer and I am naturally very proud of her accomplishments.

SJM: How did it come about that Bebe Winans appeared as a special guest artist on your album?

GERALD: Bebe has been a long-time First Noel (feat. Bebe Winans) frien

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