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Maggie MorganManolito Image Credit: OffBeat Magazine
Maggie MorganManolito Image Credit: OffBeat Magazine

Maggie Morgan/Manolito

Maggie Morgan/Manolito

Elsa Hahne

“I picked Jarboe, a musician who’d sing with Swans and Neurosis in the ’80s, but also does a lot of experimental rock and has released like 11 albums, still under the radar. Her full name is Jarboe La Salle Devereaux, and I always thought it was a stage name, but looking her up, I learned that she’s from New Orleans and that totally made sense, as to why she has this crazy name and her sound. She was trained classically as an opera singer and has organ training, and then started singing weird rock music. So I wanted to make a funky drink inspired by that—avant-garde, dark, super-bizarro, but amazing.

So I made a really weird drink. It’s called the Mahakali, which is the name of her ninth studio album, named after the Hindu goddess Kali, the goddess of time and death. I also knew I wanted to do a drink with red wine, because of her old-world flavor and classical training. There’s a Spanish drink called Kalimotxo, which is Coke and red wine, and this is a spin on that. It’s definitely off-putting at first, but after a couple of sips—or listens—you get it, ‘I appreciate this now.’ It’s a weird hybrid between Kalimotxo, rum and Coke and a red wine punch.

Jarboe has this androgyny about her, which I’ve always liked. I discovered Swans in high school and didn’t really appreciate them. I feel her music has an underlying mystical element to it, not unlike New Orleans with its old

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