Video Killed the radio star Image Credit: DataQuest
Video Killed the radio star Image Credit: DataQuest

Video Killed The Radio Star!

Let me clearly outline the problem and its components: Two sides to the coin – one side is internal focused organisation and its challenges and the other is consumer-facing opportunities

Ramesh Natarajan


The theme is inspired by the first ever music video shown when MTV launched in 1981. Every generation looks for its heroes to take them forward, until reality knocks. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been doing a small controlled experiment – actually 2 of them together. Knocking on a multitude of channel doors of companies to see their hunger for new business on one side, taking in new ideas from consumers like me, on the other.

It was genuine stuff – this reach was done to medium and large brands, except it was via a channel randomly chosen – some via social media, some via missed calls in ads, and some via retail stores and so on.


We are not open for customers, as long as it is “any color, so long as it is black” to draw an inference from Henry Ford from over a century ago. Somewhere in the multitude of IT systems and organization silos, we are “dropping the catches”. The commonly touted themes of growth and customer experience as CEO’s No. 1 agenda seems to be still only in their minds and not truly translated into everyday culture and action.

The lack of preparedness actually did not come to me as a surprise. It is a well-known secret that we have an unhealthy, disproportionate focus on customer acquisition compared to customer experience or customer loyalty. Whatever happened to C

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