Festival Image Credit: ParentEdge
Festival Image Credit: ParentEdge

Festive Home Decoration With Your Child

Kaveri Sachdev is the Co-founder & CEO of My Pooja Box, which aims to bridge the gap between devotees and devotion, by providing a wide assortment of pooja products online.

Benefits of children participating in festive rituals

Celebrating festivals is a great way to teach your child about Indian culture. Knowing more about why a festival is celebrated, what its significance is, and why we started celebrating it in the first place, can help a child understand the importance and significance of each festival. This can be a great way to impart values to the child as well.

Explaining the importance of each ritual and how it welcomes good fortune for the entire family, may not register with the child just yet, but over the long run, once the child becomes an adult, these are the very same rituals he/she will follow, thanks to you taking the time now to explain their significance.

Involve your child in the home decoration process, right from the diya selection to decorating it with paint, from rangoli making to preparing festive food. Make this a project for your children. They will not only enjoy decorating the house, but will also proudly show it off to family and friends who visit; the idols and diyas that they painted on their own, and the pooja thali that they assembled.

The upcoming festive season

The Indian festive season is upon us; there is no doubt that we need to keep our children engaged during the holidays declared by schools. But we should also enjoy and celebrate festivals, and not just use these holidays to travel or for mini vacations. In today’s scenario of nuc

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