Grandparents Children Family Image Credit: ParentEdge
Grandparents Children Family Image Credit: ParentEdge

The Roles That Grandparents Play!

No doubt, Grandparents are a great blessing.

Anjali Rao

Near or Far

And that is why there are hundreds of proverbs and quotes that express the importance of grandparents in our lives. Being a vital link in the family, they truly impact their grandchildren’s lives.

From the time that children are babies to the teenage phase, whether they live near or far, grandparents play an important role in a child’s life. For grandparents who live hundreds or thousands of miles away, technology has made it easier to build the relationship with grandchildren. FaceTime, Skype, Whatspp etc. bridge the physical distance as real-time communication is possible with these. Facebook and other social networking sites help grandparents in staying in touch with teenage and young adult grandchildren. Quality time with grandparents can be very rewarding to children and helps in shaping them into happy individuals.

The Different Roles

Here are a few out of the many roles that grandparents play:

1 Nurturer

Grandparents provide unconditional love to their grandchildren in abundance. They give comfort and care during times of sadness or trouble. Regardless of the child’s age, they overlook the faults of their grandchildren and focus only on giving them unconditional love. They dote on them and make sure they give extra care and attention. Grandparents play a very important role in moulding children’s character. Above all, they also ensure grandchild

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