Teach Your Child How To Organise The Study Space Image Credit: ParentEdge
Teach Your Child How To Organise The Study Space Image Credit: ParentEdge

Teach Your Child - How To Organise The Study Space

Sanjit Satapathy is the Country Business Leader for Consumer Business, 3M India Ltd. Since 1998, Sanjit has held various roles in Sales and Marketing.

Sanjit Satapathy
Crumpled assignments and tests, school announcements from two months ago, stationery that went missing months ago, clothes and books strewn all around the room – do these ring a bell? Is cleaning your child’s room a Herculean task ? This article gives you ideas to help children take on the responsibility of keeping their rooms in order. Read on.

Not everyone is a ‘neat freak’ or organised and that is not necessarily bad. However, being disorganised definitely has some downsides. Children who are weak in organising their space tend to struggle with handling information in an effective and logical way. They often face difficulty in setting priorities, drawing up goals and working systematically towards them.

At school, being organised is one of the key factors that ensure the child has a successful, academic year. It is often noticed that children with superior organising skills often perform better in assignments, get more done and have more free time to pursue new hobbies. On the other hand, not being well-organised can result in lower grades, increased frustration and even lower self-esteem.

Staying organised can ensure that your child is on the path to success this academic year. Here are some ways in which you and your child can begin that journey together.

Assign a designated study space

Assign a space within your home that is well – lit, uncluttered and free of distraction as the designate

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