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The Power Of Will Brandan Fokken Image Credit: Iron Man Magazine
The Power Of Will Brandan Fokken Image Credit: Iron Man Magazine

The Power Of Will! Brandan Fokken

Brandan Fokken’s view on life will change yours, too, if you do the work!


Nothing comes easy in life. If you’ve ever seen someone living large and loving every minute of it, chances are it wasn’t always that way for them. For Brandan Fokken, that’s definitely the case. One look at this man and you’ll immediately see the picture of fitness, success and happiness—but nothing was ever handed to him. In fact, Brandan shaped his career, personality and success in very much the same way as his physique: Hard work! Brandan Fokken is a product of his own understanding that living life with purpose, fitness, giving back and positivity brings about greater returns and overall health and happiness. Here’s how his life’s mission can shape yours and why his journey could be a mirror image to yours, too, if you put in the work and stay positive!

IRON MAN: How important was fitness for you growing up?

Brandan Fokken: I came from a really tough background. I moved around a lot, we didn’t have any money, etc. So for me, fitness was a way to belong, to fit in and to make friends. Along with that, due to my upbringing, from an early age I equated muscles to not being hurt, which was attractive to me because I was put through a lot. I looked up to Superman, Arnold and Hulk Hogan. They were all big and strong and in my mind couldn’t be hurt. So I wanted to be just like them.

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