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Pineapple Vitamin C Fruit Diet Vitamin Image Credit: Iron Man Magazine
Pineapple Vitamin C Fruit Diet Vitamin Image Credit: Iron Man Magazine

The Power Of Pineapple

Eating this fruit can help boost your muscle gains and performance.

Emily Schneider-Green

Do you like pina coladas? Then you need pineapple. But, pineapples aren’t only useful for their decor enhancing abilities or as a key ingredient of pinacoladas. This fruit is a powerhouse that could provide you with a natural boost to your muscle gains and athletic performance. How so? Pineapple can promote better healing ability and increased strength and endurance.

Scientific research has been looking at pineapples for their healing and anti-inflammatory properties for years. This, combined with the pineapple’s naturally perfected stack of nutrients, makes for a fruit that can definitely play a role in increased muscle mass, heightened performance and reduced soreness and inflammation. So it definitely deserves a regular place beside your sweet potatoes, oats, chicken and other menu mainstays.

Doesn’t Fruit Have A Bad Rap?

In recent years you might have heard about the drawbacks of fruit. There will always be a diet claiming that the sweet stuff is to be avoided, and that, natural or not, sugar of all kinds is evil. While no one’s arguing against the perks of cutting down on sugar, cutting fruit out of your diet shortchanges your body of a host of micronutrients and vitamins that nature intended us to have.

Enter pineapple as the perfect example of why fruit still needs to be a part of your life, sugary or not. Beyond their spiny exterior and sugary flesh, pineapples actually pack in a wallop of nutrients,

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