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Gym for Kids Why Image Credit: Perfect Woman
Gym for Kids Why Image Credit: Perfect Woman

Gym for Kids… Why?

In today’s age everyone is health conscious. And just like adults and youngsters, even kids are introduced to the gym at a very young age. Few people support it while few find this concept a bit weird. But, we have Shonal Aggarwal, Managing Director of ‘Chapters Learning’ to tell us why you should introduce your kid to the gym.

Simple & Fun

Gym activity adds a great deal of value to a growing child. Little do we realise that it installs a sense of discipline, endurance and grace apart from being a great deal of fun! Any age is a great time to start gym activities and children can start even as early as 6 months in a ‘mother and child’ programme as long it is well structured and developed in an appropriate way. Such programmes are held in a group with each parent and child working together. At this stage, movements are very simple and mothers have a great time working in coordination with their child. In fact, it helps mothers to interact and bond more closely with their little ones. The addition of music to such programmes creates more interest and helps in simple coordinated movements and even in speech development as children hear words and sounds. Activities are guided by the developmental stages in children. Thus, an appropriate curriculum is always important. Gyms are interesting places that have an array of fascinating colourful equipment to encourage and challenge, to invite and excite children to develop a sense of balance and to hone their fine and gross motor skills. Music adds a sense of grace and rhythm to the movements.

All Round Development

Children develop flexibility, coordination, strength and balance. They learn to work with speed, keeping pace with other children and in the process they learn the value of int

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