Asha Barrak Image Credit: Verve
Asha Barrak Image Credit: Verve

Asha Barrak Making Every Day A Good Hair Day

She founded the Facebook community Indian Curl Pride in 2014, helping women to subvert the internalised beauty ideal of flowing straight locks by flaunting their wavy or coiled strands. And earlier this year, Asha Barrak – known online as Right Ringlets – launched Ash:ba Botanics, the country’s first haircare line dedicated to curly girls. She chats with Joanna Lobo, a fellow CG, about making every day a good hair day…

Joanna Lobo

Every morning, a few thousand girls and women across India follow a routine. They undo the ‘pineapple’ or remove the silk cloth wrapped around their heads. With hair flipped over or parted into sections, they spend a few minutes wetting it, raking in products, scrunching and pumping and using the ‘praying hands method’. Once done, the hair is air dried or diffused. Later in the day, another few minutes will be spent scrunching out the ‘cast’.

If half the words above sound unfamiliar, it’s because they are in a language spoken by a select group of people. They’re part of a curly girl’s lifestyle or, if you prefer its official name, the Curly Girl Method or #CGMethod or CGM. But, if you are a curly girl like me, chances are that you practise this routine or some variation of it, daily.

The revolutionary styling method and haircare regimen, for people with either curly or wavy hair and everything in between, was introduced by hairstylist Lorraine Massey in her bestselling book, Curly Girl: The Handbook, in 2002. Now, her techniques have spread across the globe, spawning curly girl communities, curls-only salons and bloggers who share videos, shot in bathrooms, of their CG tips and tricks.

In India, much of the movement can be credited to a determined ex-software engineer, Asha Barrak. Online, she is Right Ringlets and one of the first bloggers to acquaint Indian women with products and styling for curly h

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