Aromatic Landscapes Image Credit: Verve
Aromatic Landscapes Image Credit: Verve

Aromatic Landscapes

A heady dose of nostalgia permeates D. S. & Durga’s intricately layered universe. Kavi Ahuja Moltz and David Moltz, the couple behind the decade-old brand, give Rymn Massand a glimpse into how they have carved a unique niche in the perfume industry.

Walking down the leafy streets of Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, en route to meet the founders and creative heads of the fragrance brand D. S. & Durga (DSD), I am struck anew by how this city thrives on its contrasts. Not so long ago, Bed-Stuy was a rather far-flung neighbourhood with a slightly menacing edge and now, with its beautiful brownstones and planted front porches, it is the typical scene of gentrification. This is what NYC is about, the gritty with the pretty, the rough with the smooth, and this contradiction is exactly what has allowed the drive, ambitions and big ideas to blossom for couple Kavi Ahuja Moltz and David Moltz. They have created one of the biggest fragrance brands in New York (actually, the USA) and describe their work in purely poetic terms…as aromatic landscapes evoking stories, fragments of music, literature, art and moments past while painting a picture through scent.

For creatives, so much of what we do is reflected in our daily lives; the details that fill a home or a studio, or our notebooks… and entering the home of Kavi and David feels very much like entering the world of DSD. Light and space, their children’s drawings over the fireplace, crystals and books piled on tables, candles and attar in cut-glass bottles, sculptures and tapestries and the soothing sounds of Billie Holiday set the tone. All the various details make up the whole, but each one is its own story.

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