Livin LaVida Local Image Credit: Verve
Livin LaVida Local Image Credit: Verve

Livin' La Vida Local

A stranger to Instagram until two years ago, 37-year-old Shrima Rai has renounced a lucrative career in banking and made a successful foray into the glittering realm of the now-ubiquitous digital influencer.

But where other bloggers tow an entourage of make-up professionals, photographers and fashion stylists to every event, Rai prefers the boisterous company of her sons, Vihaan (8) and Shivansh (3), who are permanent fixtures at her shoots. The former Mrs. India also dabbles in writing in her free time and has a refreshing approach to blogging about fashion, beauty and fitness; she personally tests each product before giving it her stamp of approval, and her #OOTD posts are meticulously curated to create an Instagram feed that is both practical and aspirational. In the midst of it all, her sons are her pillars of strength, and Rai believes that being a mother is more rewarding when you don’t mollycoddle your kids but choose to bring them up as accountable individuals instead. And, case in point, though they are already worn out from a frenzied day of studies and extra-curricular activities, Vihaan and Shivansh do cooperate and display a certain level of maturity when Sadaf Shaikh meets them after school hours on a scorching May afternoon. The former, a chatty extrovert, prattles on about his day, as he so often does on the Instagram account, @theraiboys, that his mother has created to capture her children’s antics. Shivansh, on the other hand, is unusually reticent, and allows his brother to steal the limelight while he smiles coyly every now and then from the safety of Rai’s arms. She is consciously raising

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