Ocean To Table Image Credit: Verve
Ocean To Table Image Credit: Verve

Ocean To Table

A fishmonger in Turin has a unique approach to customer service while being mindful of his produce and the environment. Giuseppe Beppe Gallina, better known as Beppe, speaks to Sheetal Mallar of his passions and hopes while sitting in his pescheria (fish stall) at the iconic Porta Palazzo.

Mabel Redaelli

Giuseppe Beppe gallina’s legacy of selling fish at the famous market of Porta Palazzo in Turin goes back a 100 years to his great-grandmother, followed by both his grandmother and mother (from whom he took over the business in 1996), before him.

His family’s original fish stall was located in the iconic Porta Palazzo, an area of the city which today hosts the biggest open-air market in Europe. Over the years as the market evolved, so did people’s eating habits and the way they chose to buy food. Beppe’s idea of change was to bring quality and authenticity into the mainstream market. Porta Palazzo, which is ironically located in republic Square (Piazza della repubblica), is a melting pot where people from all ethnic and social backgrounds come together to buy food. Thirty years ago, Beppe resolved that he was going to sell quality fish, while being respectful of the environment and the fishermen themselves. That is how he decided to become a part of the Slow Food movement, and bring about a positive change in the system. Being able to associate with a bigger movement is what Beppe considers to be his “dose of good luck”.

But a few years ago, he was unsure as to whether he would be able to continue working in the market, since health and safety regulations and political changes within the city made it difficult for most shopkeepers to sustain their businesses. He felt that he had to guarantee his employees, who had been working

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