Beauty Skincare Ayurveda Glow Image Credit: Verve
Beauty Skincare Ayurveda Glow Image Credit: Verve

Less Is Always More When it Comes To Beauty

The new trend in beauty eschews an over-the-top philosophy in favour of a ‘less is more’ approach. Faye Remedios finds out why a pared-down routine is the way forward

Faye Remedios

 The biggest storm to hit the beauty industry a couple of years ago was the Korean 10-step routine, which converted many a beauty enthusiast, all in the quest to get the oh-so-covetable ‘glass skin’ radiance that seems to be the birthright of every woman from this east asian country. but now, experts are realising that from a scientific perspective, this isn’t the best ritual to adopt if you truly want healthy skin. enter minimalist skincare, an approach that has found a deep-rooted appeal in several cultures. We delve a little deeper into this to find out if a minimalist routine really is the secret to looking and staying flawless.

The Swedes know the value of a simplified life, and have coined a name for this: lagom (pronounced car prom), which translates as ‘not too much, not too little’. This philosophy can extend to a beauty routine too as a means to achieve inner balance. Stress is believed to be the root cause of skin and hair woes. by releasing the hormone cortisol, it triggers inflammation and leads to thinning of strands. adopting a lifestyle that does away with excess can set you on the path to tranquility, thereby reducing stress and helping you get that elusive glow. The Japanese too believe in being unobscured by fussy extras and, like the Scandinavian ethos, use nature as the common denominator. Their beauty rituals, unlike their adventurous, bazillion-step Korean counterparts, focuses on few steps and simple

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