Happiness Social Media Stress Depression Image Credit: Verve
Happiness Social Media Stress Depression Image Credit: Verve

In Search Of Happiness

A quest for emotional well-being drives the generation of impermanence, discovers Preksha Sharma

Preksha Sharma

The millennials have all the hallmarks that make them riveting subjects of research: they are emotionally fragile, always in flux, confused about their identities, highly anxious and, among many other things, reluctant to arrive at adulthood. Throw into the mix the ever-upgrading gadgets, social media sites, dating apps, and bam, we have before us a thriving — even if slightly dysfunctional — planet to study. At the heart of it all lies the unchanging verity, that we are a mortal lot. For most of us, benchmarks of a good life have shifted from strongly defined parameters like fixed assets, marriage and financial security to ambiguities like finding happiness, following one’s dreams and making an impact. But even if happiness and dreams are like shifting goalposts, should we give up on the pursuit? Or is a life spent chasing your passion or searching for meaning any less than owning your own house?


My sister and I mostly refrain from updating our mother about milestone decisions in the lives of those around us, but on the rare occasions that we do loop her in, she stares at us as if we were talking Elvish. Like, catching up on each other’s lives at breakfast one day, my sister brought up the topic of her manager, Anindita Chatterjee, who was going through quite a tough time in her personal life, a divorce. At the mention, my mother couldn’t help letting out a gasp. In the months that f

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