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All Aboard These 5 Scenic Train Journeys

All aboard! Whether it's a one hour trip through a rainforest or an overnight journey through tunnels and over bridges, here are five train journeys every traveler must experience.

Peru Rail’s Andean Explorer

From Puno to Cusco in Peru

Imagine a sort of faded Orient Express, with a Latin American twist and you get the Peru Rail. You sit in real old-fashioned armchairs to sip your pisco sour and watch the Andes go past your window.

Or you can have your drink in the bar, with musicians to entertain you. Your final choice could be the observation car at the back, where you get the best views of all.

As you leave Puno, there's an interesting stretch of track right through the middle of the market, and then some lovely views of Lake Titicaca. But for most of the trip you'll be seeing the mountains - not so much the high Andes, but lower ones, with some agriculture on the slopes and a few villages. Nearer Cusco, you follow a river and the land is greener. The journey takes ten hours altogether and at the highest point the train stops long enough for you to get off and visit the market that locals have set up on the station platform. Tickets begin around $169 USD one way.

Kuranda Scenic Railway

From Cairns to Kuranda in Queensland, Australia

Sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful two hour train ride through Queensland’

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