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Best TimesAndTreasured Moments Image Credit: Lifestyle Asia
Best TimesAndTreasured Moments Image Credit: Lifestyle Asia

Best Times And Treasured Moments

Omega Trésor brand ambassador Kaia Gerber deeply admires her mother Cindy Crawford, learned to live for the moment from her billionaire father Rande, and considers brother Presley her world

Anna Isabel C. Sobrepena

Kaia Gerber slipped into the room and quietly sat in the chair beside OMEGA President Raynald Aeschlimann. She was being introduced as the newest brand ambassador of the luxury watch company, joining a roster that included her mother Cindy Crawford, her father Rande Gerber and her brother Presley. The only daughter of the supermodel is all of 16 years, a rising star in the world of fashion and already a recognizable face. It goes beyond the resemblance to her famous mother, who was an influencer prefacing the advent of social media.

A new generation has taken to the young woman who was strategically selected to connect the OMEGA Trèsor collection with echo boomers. She has a following that counts 3.4 million on Instagram. Her Facebook fan page generates hundreds and thousands of likes per entry. She has 75,000 followers on her Twitter account. It is unlikely that they have taken to her because she possesses the same almond-shaped eyes, stands as tall as Cindy at 5’9.5” and has the same signature runway walk.

Certainly, her genetic heritage comes to play in the same confident strides and forward stare under full brows that has enlisted her to walk for Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Chanel, Raf Simon, Prada and Saint Laurent, among others. But she also engages an on-line audience in off duty Snaps and Insta-stories, who embrace her as one of their own. She reflects a demographic of technology s

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