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MillennialWoman Extraordinaire Image Credit: Lifestyle Asia
MillennialWoman Extraordinaire Image Credit: Lifestyle Asia

Millennial Woman Extraordinaire

Young doctor Lauren Liechtenstein is a soprano who, besides exploring old civilizations, trying new flavors and traveling the world, is into supporting the arts and artists, discovering cures for heart disease, and finding joy from healing a child.

Bianca Salonga

It was cocktail hour on a Friday night. Lauren Lior-Liechtenstein sat by the bar in Manila House. She was about to join her mother, Kathleen, and a few family friends for dinner. “This is as close as I get to a night out,” says Lauren, a pediatrics resident at The Medical City. She headed straight to dinner from hospital duty that night.

It had already been over 36 hours since she last slept. Life as a first year resident was defined by long on-duty hours, making reports on hospital rounds, and completing research papers. Work has been demanding a lot from Lauren, but she is finding more reasons to stay inspired and invigorated. “When you see a patient smile and witness them get better, that’s when everything becomes worth it,” Lauren says.

Life is full for the young doctor of medicine with a Masters Degree in Business Management, a Masters Degree in Public Health and a Masters Degree in Molecular Medicine. Her resume includes being an Associate of the Royal College of Science, with a diploma of Imperial College, Bachelor of Sciences in Genetics, with a published work on DNA quadruplexe formed in the first intron of mitogen activated protein kinase4 (MAP4K4). She is the author of the book Never to Forget, and has performed as a soprano at the Royal Albert Hall, the Cadogan Hall, and the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Dinner with family and a close circle of friends has become a luxury for the young MD.

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