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A Taste Of France In Tagaytay Image Credit: Lifestyle Asia
A Taste Of France In Tagaytay Image Credit: Lifestyle Asia

A Taste Of France In Tagaytay

Anya Resort’s signature restaurant Samira hosted one of the 3,000 Goût de France dinners served around the world to celebrate the best of French cuisine

Chino R. Hernandez

It was an hour’s road trip out of Metro Manila to the Goût de France dinner at Anya in Tagaytay. The yearly celebration, promoting French cuisine, was held in 18 places here in the country, one of which was at the luxury resort.

The choice of Anya was a coming together of fine food in a premium setting. Hotel amenities and services set the mood for indulgent dining. A quick dip in the infinity pool, a cocktail or two, and a de-stressing session at the spa were part of the pre-dinner experience. Around the world, 3,000 chefs and restaurants participate in Goût de France, and Anya’s signature restaurant Samira was one of those selected.

The French food movement (which translates to “Good France”) was founded in 1912 by the famous French chef Auguste Escoffier. His goal was to serve one menu to as many guests as possible around the world in one day to promote French cuisine to a global audience. The tradition stuck, and year after year, Goût de France became an anticipated event. Today, the event has found a leader through acclaimed chef Alain Ducasse, who approves each and every menu cooked on the evening of March 21.


When the sun began to set, the foodie visitors of Anya made their way to the main lobby for the special cocktail reception. An abundance of bubbly and a special ravioli-like hors d’oeuvre served on shells were served as aperitifs. C

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