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Helping Filipina Ballerinas Pirouette Image Credit: Lifestyle Asia
Helping Filipina Ballerinas Pirouette Image Credit: Lifestyle Asia

Helping Filipina Ballerinas Pirouette

The Toe Shoe Circle was founded to help fund Filipino ballerinas’ needs for toe shoes to dance in season after season

Sara Siguion-Reyna

The first ballet Lauren Liechtenstein saw at the age of three was Giselle. “I remember being mesmerized by the ballerinas leaping through the stage and couldn’t believe it when they came down the lobby stairs after the performance,” she says  “Ever since then, waiting for a Company to come down after a show to meet and greet the audience is one of my favorite parts of a night at the ballet.”

A treasured experience was being invited to sing a Puccini aria, while Ballet Philippines took the stage. “I was so deeply honoured to share the stage with such wonderful talents that I promised myself that part of my first paycheck would go to BP...and here we are!”

Lauren is currently involved with the Toe Shoe Circle, a group of young patrons connected by their support and love of the arts. “The Toe Shoe Circle started as a way to get to know the younger, but no less dedicated, supporters of Ballet Philippines, and to expand that small circle, increasing the number of those who actively support BP,” says Lauren.

The contribution of members go directly to the Toe Shoe fund of Ballet Philippines. “I was shocked to learn that each dancer in the company needs an average of eight to 10 pairs of shoes a season, a number that foreign dance companies easily quadruple,” says Lauren. “With each pair costing at least P6000, this is something the younger generation of patrons can at least use as

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