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The Happiness Doctor Image Credit: Lifestyle Asia
The Happiness Doctor Image Credit: Lifestyle Asia

The Happiness Doctor

Dr. Lia Bernardo promotes self-love through meditation and movement exercises, advising on good nutrition and doing needle-less acupuncture

Risa Regala Garcia

People have looked for ways of understanding and caring for themselves in the pursuit of happiness. At some point in her life, Dr. Lia Bernardo was no exception. “I was a very emotional person in my younger years. I felt that I could not control my emotions so I looked for ways of dealing with that. I was just sad. Later on, I came to realize that I was sad because I was looking for something outside myself to make me happy.”

Bernardo’s search led her to energy healing, angel therapy and other ways of finding inner peace. Eventually, she discovered Psychoneurology, a combination of ancient practices and modern science. She describes the “divine synchronicities,” or a series of fortuitous events, that led her to pursue studies in Psychoneurology and Integrative Health from Beurin University in California, completing a doctorate that appended the title to her name. Bernardo may not be a medical doctor, but to the many people she has helped, she is a healer. Through Psychoneurology, patients have been given the tools needed to make them happy, generate joy and create harmonious relationships with others.


The American Board of Psychoneurology states, “Psychoneurology proceeds from an initial premise that people are in no way broken nor are their minds or psyches diseased. Psychoneurology provides that these individuals are whole, complete beings who may be experiencing challenges in their li

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