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Unknown Endings Image Credit: Lifestyle Asia
Unknown Endings Image Credit: Lifestyle Asia

Unknown Endings

The 2003 Singularities Suites, a collection of works of the late art critic and historian Rod Paras-Perez, capture compositions of order emerging from chaos.

Amy Loste

Dr. Rod. Paras-Perez (1934-2011) is probably the single most accomplished Filipino art critic and historian of this generation. While best known for his book on Manansala, which is considered to this day as the best art book locally published, few know of his own illustrious history as an artist and scholar. Recipient of the most prestigious scholarships and fellowships, he gained recognition while earning an Art History doctorate from Harvard University when he exposed Cezanne forgeries. He was also an award-winning painter and printmaker, who graduated with a degree in Painting, cum Laude, from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts.

Throughout his career as an artist and academician, he continually evolved his own style of work, sometimes taking years to develop a cohesive collection of ouvres. One such body of work is his 2003 Singularities Suite, a series of 17 pieces privately collected and housed as an entire collection. The following are excerpts from the artist’s own notes on the collection. 

19. IV. 2003

Singularities: in the context of the chaos theory and computer science. Post-Modern philosopher Manuel de Landa “Where order spontaneously emerges out of chaos.” 

I used the concept as spring point for disparate and unrelated images combined to suggest a certain sense. Initially, I wanted to call the Suite Zen Singularities, but I cannot keep the austerity of Zen so i

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