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The Light Art Of Olivia Daboville Image Credit: Lifestyle Asia
The Light Art Of Olivia Daboville Image Credit: Lifestyle Asia

The Light & Art Of Olivia - D'aboville

She transforms everyday things into entrancing objects that are being acquired by collectors around the world.

Anna Isabel C. Sobreña

There is a luminosity about Olivia D’Aboville emanating conceivably from within. Her face, devoid of makeup, glows with a smile that figures as a mainstay on her lips. Such radiance extends to her art, inspired by nature. Organic, sinuous formations from recycled material metamorphose into phosphorescent anemones and tsunami waves. She has created movement of the sea from recycled pyrex glass, giant dandelions from recycled water bottles and sea creatures from cocktail stirrers collected from different bars in Manila. These possess the lambent radiance of their creator. “My parents made us see the world in a positive light,” she says. And so it is, captured in the creative expressions of the FrenchFilipino artist whose work has brought Philippine artistry to a world-wide audience.


Olivia D’Aboville was studying at the Duperre Textile Design School in Paris when she connected with the medium associated with recycling, reusing and up-cycling. “I started using everyday objects for several reasons. As a student with very limited funds, I had to be resourceful and find materials that were readily available,” she explains. “Plastic was everywhere! I started collecting from my personal use and my classmates. It was already a trend in Europe to be green and eco-friendly. I wanted to be involved in that movement.”

During her final year in the prestigious textile schoo

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