Nico Faustino Image Credit: BluPrint
Nico Faustino Image Credit: BluPrint

Nico Faustino

Nico Faustino is multi-cam TV and live director. He started directing professionally at the age of 22. Since then, he has been mastering his craft and adding a range of genres, as well as directing styles. He also does live stage directing and TV directing for beauty pageants, both locally and internationally. Recently he co-produced a number of advocacy films that have been shown in schools and other Filipino communities in Dubai and other Asian countries.

At the age of six, Nico Faustino was already exposed to the entertainment industry. His dad, Tats Faustino, would usually tag him along in the workplace—a space teeming with a variety of creative pursuits. “I remember being in awe every time I go backstage or in the director’s booth. Everything seemed so alive and busy,” he recalls. “At the time, I also remember saying to my parents that I wanted to become a director one day. Since then, they have been very supportive of me in my journey as I pursue a career in directing,” he continues.

Faustino’s mind is a well of wealth and as such, he embarks on a continuous journey of self-discovery to understand his limits.“I try to innovate and make sure that there is something new in terms of the treatment. It may be something big and obvious, or something as small as the title card of the show,” he says. In respect of development production, post-production, storyboards, among others, he is careful to measure each gesture with an open mind. Whenever required, he is able to display a certain kind of meticulousness that is almost mathematical in precision. “Especially during developmental stage, where everyone in my team are involved in brainstorming, the conceptualization process is deemed most necessary,” he shares. He also points out that there is no such thing as bad idea during the planning stage. “More often than not, the most irrelevant suggestion, i

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