Miko Aspiras Image Credit: BluPrint
Miko Aspiras Image Credit: BluPrint

Miko Aspiras

Miko Aspiras started to create confections at age 11.

Inspired by the olfaction that anchored very vivid memories of freshly-baked saccharine treats from his aunt's kitchen. With his young mind cemented on achieving his culinary dreams, his many experiences—including stints at the Shangri-La, Resorts World Manila, and Raffles—all paved the way to his remarkable success.

Aspiras sums up his creative philosophy as technical yet dreamy. He is able to derive beauty from randomness by being passionate with what he does. He credits his success from being constantly inspired—he keeps a wealth of experiences gathered by the senses and pools them together to allow a known pastry to be seen under a different light. "In almost all of my projects, I always rely on my experiences," says Aspiras.

Apart from being roused by the flavors discovered through his many sojourns, Aspiras draws inspiration from other things that are not usually associated with sweet offerings "My sources of inspiration occupy a very broad spectrum—on one end, I am inspired by the people I work with. On the other, I find beauty in structures and even a random wall," he states.

With dreams of bringing his creations outside the boundaries of the Philippines and towards a wider audience, the young and accomplished pastry chef continues to learn as much as he can from the previous generation. "It is a given that we can learn a lot from them. However, we can always throw away the bad and even change s

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