Ana Verayo Image Credit: BluPrint
Ana Verayo Image Credit: BluPrint

Ana Verayo

In the world of art, new forms are created to express new emotions, shape new beliefs, and usher in a new set of ideologies.

This is probably why abstract spun into existence, to give a representation to something so complex that it cannot just rely on the usual forms—and probably why Ana Verayo chose this kind of art. “For me, it has always been about capturing and immersing in that terroir—my connection with the environment I live in and how these natural factors set in with my thought processes,” she says. “It is basically going with gut and grit. I see something and I just know it is very endearing and I want to jump out of my skin to preserve that moment. I want to present that value through abstract painting,” she furthers.

Verayo’s exposure to satellite imagery heightened her fascination of the natural world. “The views of landscape and terrain from above—lower Earth orbit—are simply astounding. I wanted to capture that!” she exclaims. For her, the world is eternally ever-changing, and through her art, she encourages the public to think why the environment behaves and evolves the way it does. “It is in our core to understand,” she continues. The artist puts a high premium on the intention of her art pieces. For her, giving something less than your best is absolutely unacceptable. She also laments about how some values seem no longer important. “It is saddening to note how hard work and discipline are very undervalued nowadays. Yes, connections can pave the way for you, but integrity will allow you to

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