Space Encounters Image Credit: BluPrint
Space Encounters Image Credit: BluPrint

Space Encounters

Space Encounters, a design firm and furniture shop, speaks an industrial midcentury modern (MCM) tongue to the extent that it has become its recognizable trademark.

Its attention to vintage accessories, arresting colors, and ardently hand-picked accents rouse eyes, thus, turning a momentary peep into an extended stay inside the store. “What sets us apart from other firms is that we have always remained true to our design point of view since 2009,” says Wilmer Lopez, president and creative director. Lopez oversees all interior design and branding projects, including several leading fast food chains.

In 1997, Lopez set up W. Lopez Designs. “It does not feel that long ago, because the early years were an uphill climb and time went by fast. There were a lot of work to be done, and so I had to do everything myself. I was mostly doing model units back then, and I came to establish Space Encounters to explore new markets,” he recalls. Here, Lopez curates art shows and furniture, and creates vignettes that are different from the usual gallery experience. He continues to design furniture for the showroom, considering it his creative playground where he can develop new forms that challenge conventions.

With a new team anticipated to take over the design firm in the future, Lopez has implemented a properly timed design process so both the output and his designers do not suffer. "I give creative freedom to my senior designers, and guide them occasionally. I keep them happy by giving credit where credit is due. I fight for them when I have to," he states. Lopez says that the previous generation is&mdas

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