Jim Torres Image Credit: BluPrint
Jim Torres Image Credit: BluPrint

Jim Torres

Pampanga-based industrial designer Jim Torres was mentored by Filipino designer Jude Tiotuico. Torres’ adventurous, dauntless, and determined character allows him to strike a perfect balance between art and design that can be seen through his works. He has exhibited his debut works through the Red Box program of Manila FAME. He was awarded as grand winner of the Red Box Home Accents Category for his Harris lamps.

Jim Tones is an industrial designer who has held a fascination towards working with metal ever since he became a designer for three years at Industria Edition, a brand recognized for its artisanal approach. He aims to evoke a statement by exploring the material's possibilites and redefining its common appeal. Conscious of Filipino sensibilites, Tones is devoted to following traditional techniques, and years of studying metal have made him capable of executing his creations in different perspectives.

He admits that in college, he originally wanted to study architecture, but later on decided to pursue industrial design. "I had no idea about the program at the time. It was unfamiliar even to my parents," he states. Despite the apparent uncertainty that came with such decision, in the end, he developed a strong appetite for it. "No one in my Emily took up industrial design, so lahat ito, ako," he adds.

At the age of 23, he put up Zarate Manila. Launched in 2016, it carries a unique DNA manifested through unusual, non-conformist designs and material manipulation. The creations of Tones meet the beauty of poetic license. His ideas begin with the material before it transforms into whatever shape it chooses to become, similar to how a poem evolves line by line to recognize wholeness. 'Designs that are functional are different from designs that are entirely visual. For me, I tend to lean towards those that are aesthetically-versed. Function i

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