Brioni A Badge Of Success Image Credit: MONARCH MAGAZINE
Brioni A Badge Of Success Image Credit: MONARCH MAGAZINE

Brioni A Badge Of Success

CEO Umberto Angeloni understands Brioni’s connoisseur clientele like no one else.

Umberto Angeloni

Brioni was an Italian resort destination that frequently hosted the international polo set (as well as the dolce vita crowd that follows such events) before it was bombed in World War II and abandoned.

During the Brioni Polo Classic, Angeloni presented a sneak peek at the company’s new line of polo-derived sportswear that includes regimental-striped cashmere blazers with leather side tabs, ultrafine cashmere V-neck sweaters, snug-fitting jeans with a single tricolor belt loop (in the burgundy, navy, and white colors of the newly formed professional Brioni Polo Club team), and, of course, the classic pullover knit shirt.

Polo has been a component of the brand from the beginning. Company founders Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini selected the Brioni name after seeing a 1937 Italian State Tourist Board poster that promoted the island with an elegantly attired polo player. The company also adopted the image of a polo player as its insignia, which still is stamped on many of its blazer buttons. Brioni registered the logo in 1952, nearly fifteen years before Ralph Lauren began using a variation of the symbol. When Italy ceded the Brioni island to Yugoslavia in 1947, then Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito banned tourism and designated the island—now named Brijuni to reflect its Yugoslavian control—as his private retreat, which it remained until his death in 1980. The island then became a national park, just as the country’s civil war began

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