Marthas Vineyard The Ultimate Lifestyle Experience Image Credit: MONARCH MAGAZINE
Marthas Vineyard The Ultimate Lifestyle Experience Image Credit: MONARCH MAGAZINE

Martha's Vineyard: 'The Ultimate Lifestyle Experience'

Martha's Vineyard: 'The Ultimate Lifestyle Experience'

BMW descends onto Martha’s Vineyard delivering events filled with amazing food and activities customized for those who understand, seek, and appreciate quality experiences!

Uniquely designed to deliver luxury that’s synonymous with the BMW brand, the ultimate driving machine provides the ultimate experience for those who enjoy a luxury lifestyle.

There are limited affairs that, when mentioned, immediately visions of opulence and luxury come to mind. Even more rare are the opportunities when more than one of those things are interwoven and delivered effortlessly prompting all who partake in the experience to immediately sign on for repeat engagements and expose loved ones and inspiring colleagues to participate.

BMW of North America accomplishes creating such an event, designing a week that highlighted the success of community and partnership.

Arriving on the island I rushed right over to the Edgar town Winnetu Oceanside Resort to begin my test-drive experience with BMW, jumping into the designated 5 Series to test. I fell in love as soon as I started rolling off the test grounds. Smooth and fluid, the interior design was swank yet simple and had me feeling sexy. It looked like money, smelled like money, made me feel like money, and had me thinking about spending my money. It was extremely photogenic and looked great anywhere… the forest, on the beach, the side of the road, in the driveway, driving down the street, rolling past the grocery store… this car had

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