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Gautam Buddha University Image Credit: Architecture + Design
Gautam Buddha University Image Credit: Architecture + Design

Ecologically-Sensitive Institution

Project: Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh

With a number of universities coming up across the country, what is now needed is a pledge to create institutions that will help develop a society characterized by the wise and learned. It was with such a vision that the design for the university was conceived. The aim here was to create a globally-acclaimed academic and research institution that can generate a vibrant community of intellectuals endowed with character, creativity, competence and commitment, and who can inspire meaningful transformations to ensure holistic growth and social development.

To imagine an environment of learning, wisdom and creativity that would infuse a sense of cultural ethics and ecological harmony with a respect for history, it was necessary to base the design of the complex in philosophies stemming from different cultures, which teach humans– ‘simple living and high thinking’. The essence of the design philosophy lay in respecting both continuity and change, and incorporating this into teaching and learning practices within the university.

With schools of study such as management, international law, information and communication technology, environmental sciences, applied sciences, biotechnology, humanities, Buddhist stu

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