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Contemporaneity Inspired By Tradition Image Credit: Architecture + Design
Contemporaneity Inspired By Tradition Image Credit: Architecture + Design

Contemporaneity Inspired By Tradition

Project: India International Convention Centre, Dwarka, New Delhi

Despite India’s sustained levels of growth and immense economic potential, the exhibition industry has not grown in tandem with the economic expansion and urban development in the capital city. A need was felt to provide a space which could be a common ground for interaction between Indian businesses, investors and buyers to catalyse existing economic activities in the country. To exhibit India’s growth and achievements at an international level, the convention centre has been conceived as a smart and efficient mixed-use urban development which would help support the country’s GDP growth in the long haul. The concept has been curated as a successful juxtaposition between varied nature of developments such as exhibition, convention, retail, hospitality, offices, museum and many more, are designed to cater to the indigenous as well as the international exhibitors.

Design Concept: Envisaged at the scale of a Central Business District (CBD), the design of this massive project pays close attention to creating connections with Indian culture and tradition while aiming to embody the ambitions of a forward looking nation through a contemporary interpretation of Indian planning principles and architecture. Multiple accesses to this complex create a porosity and permeability to the urban context, thereby integrating it to its vicinity.

The state-of-the-art convention centre is Asia’s second largest and the third largest in the wor

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