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Waste Based Facade Image Credit: Architecture + Design
Waste Based Facade Image Credit: Architecture + Design

Waste-Based Facade

Project: De Gouverneur, Gouvernestraat 93, Rotterdam 

Architects: Architectuur MAKEN, Netherlands

Though Rotterdam—with its high-rise and modern developments—feels like a pretty dense city, there are still empty plots in the city centre. These are the result of the ambitious post-war plans in between the old houses. The gaps in between the old and new are often left open, which are potential locations for small buildings. The local government stimulates initiatives for such small scale projects. The architects started to bike around the city to find a plot in the favourite neighbourhood and took a close look at possible locations and the regulations that comply. About two years ago eyes were laid on this very location, and contacted the local government with an email questioning: can we build here? Followed by a reply: Yes, please!

The house is a fill-in project with extra attention to respect the views and daylight of the neighbours and the existing passage to the backyards. The building with four levels, just like the adjacent buildings, is therefore built on a small plot. The house is 4,65m in width and 8.8m deep. Every floor contains one big room. On the ground floor, there isthe kitchen/dining room, connected to a little garden. On the first floor, there is the office. On the second floor there is the living room. The top floor houses the sleeping room and rooftop has the terrace. The u

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