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Blending Modernism And Innovation Image Credit: Architecture + Design
Blending Modernism And Innovation Image Credit: Architecture + Design

Blending Modernism And Innovation...

Project: Classic Marble Company, Bhandup, Mumbai 

Architect: Drishti Architects and Interior Designers, Mumbai

Sunil Gambani & Misha Sharma

Classic Marble Company (CMC) is an international brand that spans across 40 countries and looks at themselves as living space innovators dealing in a range of natural marbles, exotic stones, granites, high pressure laminates, engineered marble and quartz. Their existing facility of Bhandup is a part of the industrial sector – while they sought to revamp the brand image, the brief mostly demanded elements that would add a spark to the area. They intended for the design of the façade to tell the story of the brand before anyone even steps foot in. Hence, material from their yard was pulled out and the entire façade was cladded with it. Where concrete textures, glazed facades and aluminum panels seem to be storming every corner of the city in a rather commercialised manner, the tinseling façade in solid stone would stand out and convey the message that the owner believes in what they sell.

Here, the lighting scheme is the most important tool to draw attention and create a statement. The inherent material was not only cladded but also used as a light source. The material which CMC utilized could be made thinner without losing its stability, which made it translucent enough for the light to pass through. This effectively elaborated the richness and delicacy of the vein

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