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Nailed It Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens India
Nailed It Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens India

Nailed It

Make your at-home paint job look and feel like you've paid big money using essential pro tricks, TLC tips, trendiest shades and innovative formulas. Your lesson begins now.


Nail crazes come and go—remember the pointy almond? The squoval? Luckily, the one that’s most flattering is also trending right now. “I’m seeing more and more people embrace a short length that mirrors the natural curve of the nail bed,” says Madeline Poole, nail artist and Global Colour Ambassador at Sally Hansen.

[TLC TIP] Trim your nails when they are dry and by making a few small clips in an arc shape (rather than straight across). Then gently file with an emery board, says Madeline.


To get tidy cuticles and a smooth, even surface—hallmarks of a salon mani—gently push back cuticles. This step creates more polish space and ensures you’re painting on a flat surface. Then buff the nail plate with a buffing block to “get rid of the bumps you sometimes don’t even see until you start painting the nail,” Poole says. Finally, clean everything with soap, water, and a nail brush to whisk away any dust or debris.

[TLC TIP] Use an orange stick when working on your cuticles. “They’re more gentle than using a metal cuticle pusher, which can scrape through the nail plate,” she advises.


Even if you don’t have time for a full hand massage, a quick application of lotion will moisturise hands, nails and cuticle

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