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Eastern Promises Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens India
Eastern Promises Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens India

Eastern Promises

The latest rage in beauty, the Japanese beauty regimen or J-Beauty, which focuses on spiritual wellbeing, mindful ness and natural ingredients, is all set to declare its dominion over the world.

Shahnaaz Bakshi

There is an old Japanese saying: “If the flower is to be beautiful, it must be cultivated.” This centuries-old ethos is also possibly the best way to describe their approach towards skincare. Flawless, porcelain-like and smooth are just some of the adjectives used to describe the skin of most Japanese women. This isn’t the result of simply genetics but rather that of a beauty regimen, based on traditional wisdom and natural ingredients, followed diligently since childhood. Now, as Japanese Beauty or J-Beauty becomes the fastest growing global trend, the world is eager to learn the secrets to radiant skin.


The Japanese understand the significance of simplicity, minimalism and tranquillity in their lives. “Japanese women radiate beauty because they have a holistic approach to grooming and healthcare,” explains Tashnu Khariwala, brand manager, Shiseido India, the world’s most renowned Japanese cosmetics brand. “Long, steaming hot baths, enriched with essential oils or tea, just before bedtime are commonplace in Japan and the key to smooth, glowing skin.” This is possibly why onsen, hot spring baths, are so popular in Japan. These heated waters are believed to be rich in natural minerals considered highly beneficial for the skin and are also naturally relaxing. “Spiritual wellbeing and mental calmness is paramount to having good skin,” adds Dr Shuba Dharmana, dermato

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