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In Vivid Detail Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens India
In Vivid Detail Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens India

In Vivid Detail

Homemaker Bindu Joseph’s beautiful Kerala home, chock-full of details and interesting vignettes, proves that minimalism isn’t always the answer.

Nandini Banerjee

In the heart of lush Chattikulam village in Thrissur, Kerala, is a house that seems to be straight out of the pages of a magazine. Homemaker Bindu Joseph’s spectacular abode, set over 500 acres, is an ideal example of how seamlessly contemporary and traditional aesthetics can come together. An ancestral home modified to create large, airy, light-filled rooms, each space here is decorated with ingenuity. The attention to detail is striking. Different vignettes in every room—a traditional elephant chair with complementing vibrantly coloured cushions; indoor plants juxtaposed against brass ornaments placed on a contemporary rug; a small corner table overwhelmed with differently-coloured glass bottles—give the home an unconventional look.

Bindu tells me that she doesn’t follow any design principle and puts things together based on what makes her happy. And with her three children studying out of town, she spends her spare time decorating her home, one corner at a time. These vignettes are showcased on her Instagram page as well, which has close to 8,500 followers. “My house is forever changing as it reflects my state of mind at that given time,” she says.

The result is a mix of styles and several hues and textures. Every room has a different theme, though the ba

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