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Life Crushing It Image Credit: Golf Digest
Life Crushing It Image Credit: Golf Digest

Life Crushing It

Wwe Superstar The Miz Unwinds With Golf.

Coleman Bentley

IT’S THE NIGHT AFTER THE WWE’S big SummerSlam event, and The Miz has appeared out of nowhere to add insult to his rival Dolph Ziggler’s injuries. With cameras rolling, he administers a Figure Four Leg Lock. Ziggler, still hobbled from his match with Goldberg the night before, writhes on the mat as the man they call The A-Lister performs his signature finishing move: The Skull Crushing Finale. The crowd in Toronto goes wild. The Miz’s work here is done. This is what constitutes a 9-to-5 in The Miz’s world. It’s physical. It’s violent. It’s a long way from a desk job. But when it comes time to unwind from the pile-driving life of a WWE superstar, The Miz turns to the same outlet we all do: golf. Known to close friends and the IRS as Mike Mizanin, The Miz first picked up the game when he was 12, playing Sunday rounds with his father, uncle and cousin. Losers bought dinner. They played public courses all around northeast Ohio, and he still remembers draining a 75-footer to seal a victory for his father and himself. Maybe not quite as impressive as besting John Cena in the main event of 2011’s WrestleMania XXVII, but still pretty good.

“With WWE, right before I go out to the ring, I’m focusing. I’m getting my mind absolutely correct so I know I can do

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