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The Secret To Hitting Power Draws Image Credit: Golf Digest
The Secret To Hitting Power Draws Image Credit: Golf Digest

The Secret To Hitting Power Draws

Drop Your Trail Elbow To Attack From The Inside.

NOW THAT we’re into the NFL season, watch how quarterbacks throw, specifically how the elbow leads the hand until they release the ball. That’s a big reason they throw with power and accuracy, and it’s a motion you should copy in your swing.

Discussions about the downswing usually focus on the legs and hips shifting toward the target first, before the arms and upper body get involved. I don’t disagree with that, but when golfers fire the lower body aggressively, the trail arm gets stuck behind them. Then they try to save the swing by throwing the trail hand into impact. That means an out-to-in path, contact off the toe and no power.

So let’s forget about the lower body for a minute and work on getting your trail elbow in front of your rib cage as you swing down. Look at the photo above. My elbow is moving down toward my right-front pocket. That causes the shaft to

“lay down” onto a flatter plane. From there, the clubhead will swing into impact from the inside for a solid, center-face strike. That’s how you start the ball to the right and hit a draw. To nail this downswing move, here’s a swing thought: Elbow beats the hand to impact. When you get that right, your contact is sure to improve. And I bet hitting powerful draws sounds pretty nice, too.

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