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Noble Automotive Sports Car Technology Car Image Credit: Maxim India
Noble Automotive Sports Car Technology Car Image Credit: Maxim India

Noble Crafts Sportscars That Are Subtly Sexy But Don't Skimp On Speed

Noble Automotive’s latest hand-built supercar is not for Sunday drivers.

Keith Gordon

If the computing power of an iPhone is enough to send a man to the moon, the multiple computers on modern supercars might be able to solve the conundrums of quantum physics. These cars’ systems are constantly monitored and analysed, allowing them to adjust for maximum performance and enhanced stability. But more important: That technology is what allows us nonprofessional drivers to get behind the wheel (at least those of us with the means).

Noble Automotive will have none of that. If you want to drive their hand-built M600, you’ll need not only the ₹1.8 crore it costs, but the skills to keep the 650 horsepower thunderbolt on the road and out of the ditch. Noble has forgone the typical driver assists; you won’t find stability control or even anti-lock braking. Only traction control has been included, but even this has been tweaked to give drivers more freedom to push the car and themselves.

To turn off traction control, the M600 has fittingly borrowed the bomb-release toggle from a Tornado fighter jet. Power can also be adjusted, from 450 horsepower in “road mode” to 550 horsepower in “track mode,” all the way to a full 650 horsepower in “race mode.” Turn off the already unobtrusive traction control and you’ll really have the chance to prove your driving abilities. The

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