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Paris Romance France City Of Lights Image Credit: Maxim India
Paris Romance France City Of Lights Image Credit: Maxim India

How To Date Like The French In Paris!

If you’re looking for love in the City of Light, you need to know how to date like the French.

Mitch Moxley

Paris is renowned for being the most romantic city on earth, so what better place to find a soulmate? But to find l’amour here, you’ll need to know the rules of dating. Because courtship in the French capital is slightly different from what it is in the rest of the world—it’s less a tiresome transaction and more a cherished ritual.

“For Parisians, there is no real dating protocol,” says David Vermeulen, CEO of the Inner Circle, a dating app that essentially channels European dating sensibilities. “There is no moving through ‘bases,’ no expectation of sex just because you both intimated it all evening, and no guarantee of a relationship past a certain, given number of dates. Many Parisians have never had a one-night stand, and the notion of dating multiple people until you decide to be exclusive is entirely alien to Parisians— kissing marks out exclusivity.”

“Flirting is in Parisians’ genes”, Vermeulen feels, adding, “and giving good chase is seen as the height of good manners.” Still, he notes, Parisians aren’t particularly overwrought about dating. “Wining and dining comes naturally to them, and so when it comes to a date, no matter how casual the plan is, and quite unlike other people in the West, Parisians focus on creating an intellectual and sensuous connection over food and drink.”

What this all means is that you’ve got to relax, p

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