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Get That Perfect Shot Image Credit: Top Gear
Get That Perfect Shot Image Credit: Top Gear

Get That Perfect Shot

Whatever the setting, beautiful cars make for an endlessly fascinating subject to shoot, so why not shift your automotive photography up a gear with Canon?

Some cars are so good-looking that they shine from any angle, in any level of light and in any setting, but if you’re chasing the ultimate shot of your prize machine, Canon is here to make that happen.

Light is obviously a vital ingredient that will dictate the nature of the shots you end up with. Te light is at its softest and warmest around sunrise and sunset, but don’t let that stop you shooting at any time. Whatever the light level, make sure when you position the car that the light flows naturally down its surfaces and angles.

In terms of perspective, shooting from low down adds an extra element of drama, whereas a shot from higher up gives a more detailed view of the car. In reality though, there is no hard and fast rule to identify the best angles, but a good starting point is the approach angle – the angle you walk towards the car at – as most cars are designed to appeal from head height. 

Equally important for the overall look is location. Ask yourself: Does the environment and theme make sense with the car you’re shooting? It makes sense to show a sports car on a racing track, less so on a mountain top, the natural environment for a 4x4. Sometimes it’s even more effective to capture the car as an incidental addition to the environment, going as wide as you can to convey the majesty of the location and the light. And remember, surroundings are your frame. If you

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