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Audi Q8 Joins The CoupeSUV Party Image Credit: Top Gear
Audi Q8 Joins The CoupeSUV Party Image Credit: Top Gear

Audi Q8 Joins The Coupe/SUV Party

Another minuscule niche has been filled. Alderley Edge ladies who lunch, ready your black credit cards

Tom Harrison

It was only a matter of time before Audi decided it wanted a piece of the fantastically pointless coupe-slash-SUV pie and, like

BMW and Mercedes-Benz before it, resolved to give us a car that would combine the best (or worst) bits of coupe and SUV. Traditionally, these things aren’t, as their manufacturers would claim, the best of both worlds. Not in our experience, anyway. They’re not as elegant or good to drive as a conventional saloon or coupe, or as useful and good of-road as a proper SUV, yet somehow command higher RRPs than either of them. Because that is apparently what the people want.

But, with any luck, the Q8 – a car that, you guessed it, “combines the elegance of a four-door luxury coupe and the convenient versatility of an SUV” – might change things. Like its competitors, the Q8 is based on the same platform as one of its maker’s conventional family SUVs. This time around, that’d be the Q7 – only the Q8 is 66mm shorter (it only has fve seats, to the Q7’s erm… seven) and 27mm wider, giving it an appropriately bullish stance that’s only amplified by the colossal “singleframe” grille that dominates its front end.

The Q8’s rear end doesn’t look as steeply raked as its competitors’, nor even that of the concept that previewed it, giving a more conventional (and less insulting) profile than we

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