Workforce Image Credit: Entrepreneur
Workforce Image Credit: Entrepreneur

How Do I Find Talent?

Recruiting staff is no easy feat. Six entrepreneurs share where they look—and what they look for.

1/ Cultivate

it. “We give first access to internships to members of our brand ambassador program, Dormifam. We’ll post roles on The Muse jobs site and then let our Dormifam Facebook group know about them a few days before we post them to other job platforms like LinkedIn. That’s helped us fill customer experience associate roles and countless internship positions.”

—AMANDA ZUCKERMAN, cofounder, Dormify

2/ Test

it. “We ask every applicant to complete a screening task. We’re looking for problem solvers, so we ask how they would tackle a big challenge: How would they get started? How would they measure success? We include a link to the task at the bottom of a job posting. The majority of applicants email us their résumés and fail to do the task. So those who do submit the task automatically jump to the top of the pipeline.”


3/ Accommodate it.

“As a fitness brand geared toward moms, we love to hire mothers— and with our current stage and size, people working from their own office works for us. We use sites, like the Second Shift, that specifically work to accommodate women who very much value their careers but do not want the traditional 9-to-5 arrangement.”


4/ Support

it. “Through our

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