Nicci Levy Image Credit: Entrepreneur
Nicci Levy Image Credit: Entrepreneur

The Botox Bar!

Nicci Levy had a great idea: Create a luxury day spa focused on medical micro treatments like Botox. But how do you actually build something like that?

Stephanie Schomer

Nicci Levy knew that women are willing to pay to look their best. She was a Botox sales rep in Beverly Hills, after all—and business was booming. But then she spotted a bigger opportunity. “People were spending thousands of dollars on these injections, but the experience was like going to the doctor to get a flu shot,” she says. Levy envisioned a business that would do for Botox what Drybar did for blowouts, creating an experience that customers crave as much as the service they’re paying for. But… how could she build it? It would take her years—but in 2016, she finally opened the doors to what she calls her “aesthetics bar,” named Alchemy 43, in Beverly Hills. With investor backing, she’s since opened three more Los Angeles locations and one in New York. Here’s how.

1/ Get the right experience.

Levy wanted to create a luxe, skincare-focused medical spa, but she wasn’t confident in her level of expertise. “I didn’t have enough tenure in the medical industry,” she says. So to understand the marketplace she was entering, she took gigs with two separate startups in the medical space, learning about regulatory challenges, customer relationships, and common pitfalls.

2/ Find a like-minded investor.

She was attempting to break into a capital-intensive industry but didn’t have the money…or any contacts with investors. Then sh

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